Monday, September 7, 2015

Trending Polishes

Trending Polishes 💅 
With fall comes Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Halloween, Pumpkin Picking, and a whole bunch of new nail polishes. So if you are getting your nails done, you may as well pick a color in-style, right? Don’t know what those are? Well then, it is probably a good thing you have stumbled upon my article.

“Under the Sea, under the sea”
Metallic blue is going to be on a whole bunch of different nails this season. This is a perfect color for a party or a late night out on the town. Need a specific color to match this new trend? Try “Aruba Blue" from Essie or Sephora by O-P-I, “Mermaid.”

He Who Must Not Be Named…
‘ s favorite color is making an appearance this fall. The darker the better. The gloomier the more the popular. Shades varying from grey to black are a very popular nail trend  this fall. Don’t know what color you want to try next time you are at the salon? Try “Fall In Line” by Essie and JinSoon’ s “Nocturne.”

Red In the Face
You know the color your cheeks get when you are embarrassed? Or maybe when the cute guy in math class smiles at you? Yep, that’s the color you’ll be sporting on your nails this fall. Maroons, reds, any dark color on the red spectrum scale pretty much. Some polishes I recommend? Maybe, “Rich Chocolate” from O-P-I and  “Bordeaux” from Essie

Squeaky  Peachy Clean
Nude, beige, peach, whatever you want to call the color, it’s in style. Not into the more dramatic colors? Then this is the style for you! Perfect for any event whether it is work or school or the beach! My favorites are : Tom Ford’s Nail Lacquer, “Toasted Sugar” and “Impossibly Plush” by CND Vinylux.
Hope this post helped! What is your favorite nail trend of the season?

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